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How use the external RAM of platform LPC4088 with the toolchain GCC ARM ?


I use the toolchain GCC ARM with the LPC4088 board. I think the linked script file (LPC4088.ld) doesn't allow the external RAM access (address 0xA0000000 -> 0xAFFFFFFF).

How can I use the external RAM with the toolchain GCC ARM ?

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2 years, 5 months ago.

I'd also like to be able to statically-allocate specific non-initialized variables to memory. Looks like that still requires messing with linker files - and that's kind of brittle if you're exporting your mbed-os-based projects, IMO. Anyway, relevant discussion:


Meanwhile, I was able to use the external RAM as dynamically-allocated memory with this patch:


and by making this change


Hopefully mbed-os will integrate the fix in that issue report.