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About SWO & SWV possibility for debugging

Hello, Please answer, who knows. I need collect massive information from ADC, in debug stage. And control application via terminal. I can apply SWO in ST-LINK for this purposes, without communication via additional UART? How exploit this feature. For develop I use System Workbench from ST. Thanks.

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Affordable and flexible platform to ease prototyping using a STM32F334R8T6 microcontroller.
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for data monitorin/log you could use STMStudio

Thanks, Maxime. STMStudio it is good. But I develop project under Linux. I tried use CMIS ITM functions but unsuccessfully. They are not serviced in Eclipse, apparently. Standard librarian function puts() not have any effects also. I had some small success in this!

posted by Vyacheslav Azarov 26 Feb 2016

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