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Question on "Questions" tab versus using Forum?

I note that some questions are posted here and others in the Forum and some in both locations with a different set of independant responses.....

So I may have missed an announcement, but what are the guide lines?

This could get frustrating for some as a question is marked as 'answered' here, but people are still contributing the same Forum question!

I don't see that the tip "Ask questions that can have a single correct answer. Discussions are better in the forum." really solve the issue. Perhaps it should also add only post here or in the Forums?

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7 years, 2 months ago.

Duplicated posts are due to the user posting to both places, a practice known as cross-posting in some communities. I would advise against cross-posting for the reasons you've mentioned. While I would advise against it I don't want to create a technical measure that prevents cross-posting because it is likely to cause more annoyance than it solves. We are however looking at whether we can ease the process of directing people to a question or thread as appropriate.

Guidelines for asking a good question are in the handbook. I'll make sure that a link to those guidelines is added to the area with the tips on the "Ask a Question" page.

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Thanks Stephen, All is now clear, also I had not seen the guidelines, so that link is useful.

posted by Kevin Hobbs 19 Nov 2012