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Using Ethernet shield W5500 on Nucleo-f401re

Hi there,

In mBed homepage, They explain that users can use Ehternet shield W5200 on Nucleo-f401re. Now, It was discontinued. so, I buy W5500. I use W5500 Interface library and main.cpp in W5200 example(I changed).

/media/uploads/Skiel/dcb7720c25d593f3396502c149984e2ae350eb1e.png /media/uploads/Skiel/fcc9ed2c9f12ae8d838e044ca8b32416a0ff2e8b.png

but, It doesnt work!! F401re cant use W5500?? or Anything wrong in my code?? I need your help!


If you are using W5500, can you try the following library and example code (with port pins from the ST32F401RE Nucleo) ?


posted by Sanjiv Bhatia 17 Feb 2016

Hi Minho,
You might give https://developer.mbed.org/users/hudakz/code/WebSwitch_WIZ550io a try. Jozsef Voros has successfully tested it with NUCLEO-F401RE and W5500 module without a built-in MAC number.

posted by Zoltan Hudak 17 Feb 2016
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