6 years, 3 months ago.

Please remove mbed inside the library

Hello Eli,

Could you please remove the mbed library that is inside FRDM-TFC ?

In a project with other libraries that have a dependency on mbed, It is purely and simply breaking the build. The mbed in FRDM-TFC generates conflict with the mbed that any user would add at root level.

Try creating a blank project with FRDM-TFC, BufferedSerial with and without mbed library for instance.



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Official library for the FRDM-TFC shield Cup, Freescale

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6 years, 3 months ago.

I make your requested changes. Also, the main.cpp was put on the main project webpage for reference.

Thanks for the feedback.

Accepted Answer

Hi Eli, thank you. I still see the mbed library while importing FRDM-TFC. Are you sure you published after commiting ?


posted by Remi Beges 11 Feb 2016

Try again.

posted by Eli Hughes 11 Feb 2016

All good, thanks ! And thank you for porting this neat little shield to Mbed.

posted by Remi Beges 11 Feb 2016