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MCP4922 not working

According to MCP4922_Sinewave program, I used NUCLEOF401R. But the single outputA of MCP4922 is fluctuating data below 0.4V. MCP4922 pin of LDAC is connected to GND ,SHDN to VDD, and CS to (PA_8)pin of 401R. At first, program error, I changed included "mbed" to newest one. From the voltmeter measurement, it seems that MOSI and SCK of 401R does not working. How do I do? Please help me. Best regards

Hiroyasu Matsuda


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This is a program to output a sinwave in 12 bits Digital to Analog converter MCP4922. Sampling frequency is 166,667Hz and produce an interrupt of Ticker every 6uS. The Program … converter, D/A, MCP4922, sinewave