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Ethernet definition for Arch Pro

My experience and answers to others' question say the Arch Pro Ethernet needs a mac definition but I can't find it in your files; is it in there?

For example, here is an answer given today for an Arch Pro DHCP question:

To fix ethernet halt issue, try to add the following function in your program

extern "C" void mbed_mac_address(char *mac)
    mac[0] = 0x00;
    mac[1] = 0x02;
    mac[2] = 0xF7;
    mac[3] = 0xF1;
    mac[4] = 0x91;
    mac[5] = 0x9F;

The issue is: EthernetInterface library will try to get a mac address through semi-host, but semi-host is not supported by Arch Pro.

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Thanks for your suggestion. I added the function.