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Code problems with DTH22 on Nucleo.

First an apology as I am a newby. I have copied and read many of the sketches and have tried to compile and load my device. Mostly i get errors I don't understand so are hard to fix. when I get one like rth03 it compiles and downloads and starts in the device. In the Konsole I get a message that it is connected but does nothing else at the moment.

My question is is there a single steper or another trouble shooting tool to help here? A debug program?

My hardware is Nucleo STM32F401RE with 3 sensors on a breadboard. A DS18B20, A BMP180, and A DTH22. I have code now that works for the first 2 and I am working on the last one trying to learn how to make it work. After that I will attempt to merge the code together. This is going to be a green house monitor. Temperature, Humidity, Atmospheric Presure is what these sensors read.

Thanks for a response Don

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You can download MDK-ARM ( and can use uVision to debug your code. You will need to export your project by right clicking on the project folder, selecting 'Export program' and then choosing appropriate toolchain i.e. uVision.

I checked on that program and it is Windows only. I am running Ubuntu 14.04 for my operating system. Thanks for you answer tho. Don

posted by Don Littlefield 27 Mar 2015