6 years, 4 months ago.

F401RE - F411RE: SWD ERROR at same time

Hi, this morning trying to download my firmware form mbed cloud ide (in a F411RE nucleo board) I had a problem

Watching the nucleo folder I can see that the free space is 0byte, total space 20Kbyte and there is a text file named "fail.txt" with "SWD ERROR" text inside.

I plugged in another board (F401RE) and I have the same problem.

Is possible to resolve? I'm working on an important project, is really strange that 2 board is broken at same time.


1 Answer

6 years, 4 months ago.

If both boards have stopped working it sounds either that:

1) The file you are compiling is causing an error

2) If you have anything plugged into the boards this causing the error

I would suggest to:

1) Remove all extra wires and such from the board

2) Reflash ST-LINK/V2 firmware ‘http://developer.mbed.org/teams/ST/wiki/Nucleo-Firmware’

3) Reinstall the ST-LINK/V2 driver before connecting the Nucleo board to your PC the first time. Follow this ‘http://developer.mbed.org/teams/ST/wiki/ST-Link-Driver’ for all details.

4) Compile a simple blinky program on to board

Following these steps it should work, let me know.