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Sample Test Code for 24_TFT_STMNUCLEO:24_TFT_STMNUCLEO

Do you have a working sample to test this library?

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Code to run the cheap 2.4" TFT made by mcufriend.com on the STM nucleo. No modifications required, this plugs into the arduino header. MCUFRIEND.COM, Nucleo, TFT

As it is it will display some text and fill the screen with color. If it doesn't the controller is not supported

posted by Carlos Silva 14 Mar 2015

Dear Carlos, maybe I'm doing something wrong. In the first place I thought I need a "main.c" with some #includes to .h files, so I was a little confused not finding a main.c in your library code. Accordind to your answer, now I tried to compile without a main.c file. I made a new program, added your library and the mbed library. Then I pushed the Compile button and I got: Error: Undefined symbol $Super$$main (referred from retarget.o). Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?

posted by Wolfgang Heinrich 15 Mar 2015

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You defenitivelly need a main.c.

Did it compile before? First time you run the mbed some variables need to be updated for it to compile. This is mbed specific. Ill try to find my STM nucleo and the display and fire the lcd up sometime this week, Keep an eye.

4 years, 7 months ago.

I'm having trouble with this one also. When I import the project the #include "ili9328.h" and #include "ili9328.cpp" are still the ones for 16 bit displays while the main is for 8-bit. This might be your problem also.

I would really like to have this working so I will keep fighting it.

Thanks, Bert

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Here is a test program for the STM Nucelo boards (Tested on a STM32F303RE )

Import program

00001 #include "mbed.h"
00002 #include "ili9328.h"
00004 // prepare the data bus for writing commands and pixel data
00005 BusOut dataBus( D8, D9, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7 ); // 8 pins
00006 // create the lcd instance
00007 ILI9328_LCD lcd( A3,  A4, A2,A1, &dataBus, NC, A0); // control pins and data bus
00008 //ILI9328_LCD(  CS,  RESET,  RS, WR, BusOut* DATA_PORT, PinName BL = NC,  RD );
00010 int main()
00011 {
00012     int ii,height,width;
00014     height = lcd.GetHeight();
00015     width =  lcd.GetWidth();
00016     // initialize display - place it in standard portrait mode and set background to black and
00017     //                      foreground to white color.
00018     lcd.Initialize();
00020     // print something on the screen
00021     lcd.Print( "Hello, World!", CENTER, 50); // align text to center horizontally and use starndard colors
00023     wait(2);
00025     lcd.ClearScreen();
00027     for(ii=0;ii<width;ii++)
00028     {
00029         lcd.DrawLine(0, 0, height, ii,COLOR_GREEN);
00030         ii = ii+10;    
00031     }
00032     wait(2);
00034     lcd.DrawCircle(height/4, width/4, 20, COLOR_GREEN);
00035     wait(2);
00037     lcd.FillCircle(height/2, width/2, 50, COLOR_GREEN);
00038     wait(2);
00040     lcd.FillTriangle(height/4, width/4,(height/4)+20, (width/4)+40,(height/4)-20, (width/4)+40, COLOR_RED);
00042     while ( 1 ) { }
00043 }

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I've testet the program on Nucleo-F446RE with a MCUfriend 2.8" (Below, picture from www)


However, once download and running, the pattern is as I would say it transposed and the text is written from right to left and the characters are mirrored and upside down..??

Help much needed :-) Frank

Hi Frank, I am currently using both the STM32 F446RE and the 2.8'' TFT LCD screen which you are using however i am unable to get the code to run and the screen just blinks for a couple of times. Hope you can help me with this.

Thanks, Hasan.

posted by Adli Hasan 24 Aug 2017