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Not Work: CJMCU-Jlink


  • My JLink-Lite died and I couldn't get another, so I tried a CJMCU-Jlink bought off the net (small JLINK board $7$10 on EBay)
  • *CJMCU-Jlink NOT working with nRF51822*
  • I will continue to use a wired Jlink port from my nRF51822-EK (This proves also not a wiring issue or target issue)

If anyone does have the CJMCU-Jlink working, please let me know what you did to make it work

  • Mine connects as a Segger, and nRFgo Studio prompted and did a firmware upgrade to the CJMCU-Jlink
  • nRFgo studio lists the CJMCU-Jlink as a programmer
  • But nRFgo studio doesn't see the connected nRF51822 (SWDIO, SWDCLK, GND) or (SWDIO, SWDCLK, GND, Vcc)
  • nRF51822-EK wired Jlink to my target works fine.

Note: the CJMCU-Jlink has 0.1" header, not the miniature connector on JLink-Lite that came with *older nRF51822-DK*

My guess would be : protection?

posted by Martin Kojtal 12 Mar 2015
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