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Do you have an ETA for the HDK?

The beta for the HDK has been closed for a few days now... do you have any estimate on a release date? We are developing a custom board for in-house use in manufacturing and would really love to include the USB Flash Drive functionality to do away with the ISP programming and to utilize the LocalFileSystem in our code.

We are about ready to spin another board but I'm holding at the moment because I really want this interface incorporated if possible. But I can't wait too long so I'm hoping you can give us some idea of when this information might be available.


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Hi All,

It has taken hugely longer to get this together, but we're nearly there.

I have the schematics for various reference designs. I now have legal/licensing sorted, so that I an distribute them.

The delay now is the binaries that go into the interface MCU. I am expecting the first binary (targeting the LPC1768) to appear in the next week or so, then additional platforms supported on a regular tick after that.

I can distribute just the schematics now, and have a very high degree of confidence in them, but until the final interface binaries are signed off, I wouldn't advise anyone to bet too much on them!

I've given a date before, and missed it, so I'll not do that again, but I will say that it is very imminent!

Thanks, Chris

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Bump (thanks Chris! :D)

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Hi Reed,

Thanks for the nudge.

I am hoping to get it out by the end of next week (around 5th April). Its taken a little while longer than expected as there has been so much interest in mbed since the announcement of the HDK and the Open Source SDK, that we've been dealing with a higher than usual volume to work in the back ground.

I should say though, that the HDK gives you "mbed onboard interface" - think of this as interface 2.0, which doest NOT include the local file system. The reason for this that it adds more parts to the BOM, significantly increases the complexity of the the interface, can can cause issues as the mbed interface disk is only 2 megabytes, and also means that the target is permanently in a debug session, which is needed to keep the semihosting connection open. Its a great toold for experimentation, but production should probably rely on different techniques.

Hope this helps,

Thanks, Chris

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Any news on the HDK?

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Any updates?



The update is that we are very close now. We had a few issues to sort out that took longer than expected. I would expect this to now happen before the end of June.

Sorry for the delay! Chris

posted by Chris Styles 21 Jun 2013

I am interested too. Any progress here? Thank you.

posted by Martin Wolker 13 Jul 2013