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InAir9 SX1276 with arduino over SPI


Recently i've got some InAir9 modules, and now i'm trying to get any signs of life from them. I've connected three SPI (Arduino SCK -> InAir9 CK, Arduino MOSI -> InAir9 SI, Arduino SS -> InAir CS) pins from arduino to InAir9 through simple voltage divider scheme (to get 3.3v from Arduino 5v pins), and SO from InAir9 to Arduino without any divider. Then i've get 3.3v from Arduino supply to 3V3 of InAir9 and Arduino Ground to InAir 0v. This should be working for, at least, to read and write some registers. On setup there is a function to set operating mode for Lora:

  • List writeRegister(REG_OP_MODE, FSK_SLEEP_MODE); Sleep mode (mandatory to set LoRa mode)
  • List writeRegister(REG_OP_MODE, LORA_SLEEP_MODE); LoRa sleep mode
  • List writeRegister(REG_OP_MODE, LORA_STANDBY_MODE); LoRa standby mode
  • List st0 = readRegister(REG_OP_MODE);


  • List REG_OP_MODE 0x01
  • List FSK_SLEEP_MODE = 0x00
  • List LORA_SLEEP_MODE = 0x80;
  • List LORA_STANDBY_MODE = 0x81;

But the value of st0 is always staying zero.

Same zero value i have if i try to read REG_VERSION register, and ANY register. Fast answer is - my wiring is bad, but i've rechecked it many times, and it's ok.

Can you help me in this confusing situation?