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some registers not included in nrf51.h

I found some registers that appear in reference manual of nRF51822, but not included in nrf51.h. For example the register of HFCLKSRC and HFCLKRUN are in nRF51822 reference manual, but not included in nrf51.h. (The detailed descriptions on HFCLKSRC doesn't appear in reference manual...)

Is there any reason why some registers definitions are not included nrf51.h?


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Nordic stack and drivers for the mbed BLE API

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Hi Junichi,

The HFCLKSRC register you have found in the reference manual is a documentation bug. So this will not be in the nrf51.h file, but the documentation will be fixed.

The HFCLKRUN register should have been part of the nrf51.h file, and I will look into why this is not included in the file, and get this fixed for you.

Thank you for detecting this bug!:)

Accepted Answer

Thanks, I've got it!

posted by Junichi Akita 13 Mar 2015
7 years, 3 months ago.

nrf51.h is sourced from the Nordic SDK. If you don't find some registers, you should raise this with Nordic. Can you provide an example of a register you're unable to find in the headers?

Thanks for your reply, I understand nrf51.h is from Nordic SDK. The examples of missing registers in nrf51.h are CLOCK's HFCLKSRC, HFCLKRUN.

posted by Junichi Akita 11 Mar 2015