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FYI: Problem encountered loading Nordic nrf51822 IF to nRF51-DK from Mac OS X, but works from Win7


Just downloaded the just released IF for the Nordic nRF51-DK, nrf51822aa_atsam3u2c_if_mbed_V0218_19022015.bin, and attempted to install it from my Mac. No luck. Here are the details:

  • Running latest Mac OS X Yosemite (in fact it's a 10.10.3 pre-release seed on my MacBook Pro).
  • Before updating the IF on my nRF51-DK, it was mounting just fine and showing up in the Finder as volume "MBED". Loading hex files for apps worked just fine. (Thanks to whomever got that working recently :-)
  • Restarted the nRF51-DK with reset button down, it mounted as "BOOTLOADER" as expected, drag-and-drop copied firmware update file to it, drive dismounted (with usual Finder warning about removing drive) and mbed LED starts flashing, all as expected.
  • But on removing and replugging nRF51-DK, the USB device fails to enumerate. (Running System Report shows no relevant USB device.)
  • Repeating process with the same firmware file (downloaded using Safari on OS X) running from Windows 7 (actually on the same machine, running Win7 as a VM using latest update of Parallels 10) acted the same way during the installation process. But it remounted now as "MBED" volume.
  • Going back to OS X, the nRF51-DK now mounts fine as "MBED". D-a-D loads of app hex files works fine.

Conclusion: Something still wrong in boot loading mbed firmware from Mac OS X

Any ideas?



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sudo mount -u -w -o sync /Volumes/BOOTLOADER ; cp -X <path to interface update file> /Volumes/BOOTLOADER/

Bingo! That works. Thanks.

BTW, what makes the difference. Doing the operation as superuser or the "-X Do not copy Extended Attributes (EAs) or resource forks." Presume the latter.

Out of curiosity, is it possible to do this from the Finder?


posted by Mike Wirth 10 Mar 2015

This is only required for the bootloader and I think it may be possible to edit fstab and store information for the drive but haven't really looked at it. Rather trying to fix the root cause :D

posted by Sam Grove 10 Mar 2015