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Code Publish & searching mbed.org

How do I make my code appear when someone searches for it? For an example, I published a library called "RFM69" with tags "rfm69,rf,radio" yet when I search for any of these words using the "Search mbed.org" box, it doesn't appear in the results. It also doesn't show up in the Import Wizard. A google search for "rfm69 site:mbed.org" does find it.

There were couple of reports already, but haven't seen any result. I use google as well

posted by Martin Kojtal 04 Mar 2015

1 Answer

6 years ago.

It sounds like you're doing the right things. Just to make sure, you are adding all of these tags under the "Admin Settings" tab? And also, under that same tab your repository is listed as "Public" and not "Public (Unlisted)" ?

I verified it is listed as "Public" and the tags are the "Admin Settings" tab "Tags:" field semicolon separated. (I tested with just a single tag and also with commas separating; nothing changed).

posted by B Rey 04 Mar 2015