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OS version?

how do i know what OS version i have on mbed? also can i ssh to it?

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4 years, 11 months ago.

You don't have an OS on it (at least you can add an RTOS if you want, but I don't think thats what you mean). It might be possible to run an SSH program on it, but not sure if that is going to fit.

An mbed is an MCU, compared to for example a real PC, smartphone, tablet, or raspberry, that means it has ALOT less resources. The resources they have they use very efficient though: They have no OS, you directly run whatever you program. If you tell it to toggle an LED and wait one second in a loop, the only think it will do is toggle the LED and wait. There are no other processes running in that case.

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thanks a lot for your reply!!! :-) that was very helpful

posted by Raghad Boulos 26 Feb 2015

another question...what is the mbed OS then?

posted by Raghad Boulos 26 Feb 2015

You got the mbed RTOS: Real-Time OS. For that you should see it as being able to blink 4 LEDs at different rates at the same time. It is a simple scheduler where you connect a few tasks to, and scheduler decides which is done at any time. But this is way, way simpler than a real OS.

Than their is mbed OS, something which has been announced few months back, but not more than that, so no one knows what it is exactly :). I assume something between RTOS and for example a Linux for version like what runs on a Raspberry, but not sure about it myself.

posted by Erik - 27 Feb 2015

thanks a lot!! :)

posted by Raghad Boulos 27 Feb 2015