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Binary files disappear in Mac Finder list

I just downloaded and installed the new files on an LPC1549 board. (See: Updating LPCXpresso firmware: http://developer.mbed.org/teams/NXP/wiki/Updating-LPCXpresso-firmware). I can compile and download files to the LPC1549 board in normal mbed fashion. But when I go to the MBED device in my Finder window on a Macintosh I cannot see the .bin file or files. The programs run, but I can't see the files in the MBED directory. Can someone help me set up so the .bin files appear?

I use a Macintosh with Firefox browser to run the mbed tools. I have used the simple Blinky C code, which compiles, downloads, and runs. The Mac runs OS X 10.6.8. Info for the LPC1549 MBED device in the Mac Finder window shows a 541 KB capacity, MS-DOS format (FAT12), read and write permissions OK.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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8 years, 7 months ago.

That is normal behavior for all but the oldest mbeds (like your LPC1768). The new ones don't have a seperate flash IC to store the binaries (or for LocalFileSystem), so instead they directly program and then throw away the bin file.

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Thank you for your answer. I wondered if perhaps the Mac just didn't show files with odd extensions. I appreciate your help. Jon

posted by Jon Titus 24 Feb 2015