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It appears to me that there is no Base.h in our latest mbed.h.

It is required in order for ov7670 to work on kl25z. Could anyone advise how to add Base.h to the mbed.h?

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Base.h ? Can you point to the file or whats inside? I am not aware of any . Which ov7670 ?

posted by Martin Kojtal 23 Feb 2015

After some research I found out that Base.h class was removed at 44th mbed.h update. I was experimenting with the programme found here:

Import programOV7670_with_AL422B_QQVGA_test

OV7670 with FIFO AL422B (TORAGI Camera TYPE B) test program

Base.h : http://developer.mbed.org/users/screamer/code/mbed/file/aff670d0d510/Base.h

and source of the program : http://developer.mbed.org/users/mio/code/OV7670_with_AL422B_QQVGA_test/

posted by Tzer Maan Choo 23 Feb 2015

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Looks like : public Base need to be removed from that library or you need to not update the mbed library if using RPC. It doesn't look like RPC is being used so should be harmless. There was an API a while ago that removed this class.

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I have checked with the latest ov7670.h library, it appears that : public Base is no longer used, now i'll just need to use the new library instead. Thanks!

posted by Tzer Maan Choo 25 Feb 2015