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rs232 in k64f

Hi all, I am doing serial communication with mbed, I have interfaced modem with lpc1768 and k64f. I am getting fine result with lpc1768 but k64f is not showing expected results. I am sending "AT" commands from mbed to modem, and then I am receiving the results. Lpc1768 is displaying the fine results on terminal, but k64f is receiving the garbage value.

include the mbed library with this snippet

#include "mbed.h"

int main()
 char buf[100];
    char r[25];

int i=0;

        r[i] = xbee.getc();
       printf("%c ",r[i]);

In both devices baud rate is 9600 which is actually the baud rate of the modem. My code for both of the devices is similar as well:

You can see that it is a very simple code, I am sending the at command to receive the wireless signals, and then I am waiting for the results. Lpc1768 is displaying the expected results, but k64f is not receiving the data in proper format.

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