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How can I make linux see the virtual serial port?

Is it possible to detect this serial port in linux? Best Regards!

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Does the device appear when you do lsusb? Try to see any changes with the ttyS or ttyUSB devices when you connect or disconnect the device. See also the following http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2530096/how-to-find-all-serial-devices-ttys-ttyusb-on-linux-without-opening-them

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I am having a similar issue with Mac OS X 10.9.5

I am running Windows 7 in VMware Fusion. VMware can see the USB device, and when I connect the device to Windows, Device Manager can see "mbed Serial Port (COM7)" under Ports as well as "mbed Composite Device" under USB controllers.

But I don't get any device to select when I connect the second USB cable to the "K64 USB" connector on the board.

I don't see any changes on the Mac in Terminal when I do "ls /dev/tty*

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I don't want to clutter up this thread, since this is looking like a separate issue. I have started a new thread here:


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