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Best way to instantiate (create) a thread

There is an interesting thread here that shows various ways of creating a thread and the effects of each. Example code is included there.

I think this information, inparticular Steven Wilson post of18 Sep 2014 that contains example code blocks titled "Thread Test 1" .... "Thread Test 6" should be included in the handbook/RTOS page.

There seem to have been many questions (both @mbed.org and elsewhere) about related problems as it appears that different platforms (ie: non mbed) behave in slightly different ways.

I have added this comment so the information in the link is more easily found and doesn't get lost. Aklthough the real answer is to add examples to the handbook

Question relating to:

The link provided doesn't seem to work - Page Not found

posted by Jim Glover 14 Feb 2015

Link fixed. seems I put a [ after the url instead of a |

posted by David Godfrey 07 Mar 2015
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