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Type 'LocalFileSystem' could not be resolved


After following the guide to setting up Eclipse and compiling FileTest successfully, I've opened main.cpp only to have Eclipse complain about unresolved items so I added "gcc4mbed/external/mbed/libraries/mbed/api" to the include path, but still the "LocalFileSystem" type is reported as being unresolved even if I include LocalFileSystem.h. What did I miss?

Regards, Matt

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Fixed my problem; did a bit of looking around in gcc4mbed/external/ to find the actual paths to include. I think the guide needs to be updated.

posted by Matthew Bennetts 13 Feb 2015

I have the same problem here. I've successfully included LocalFileSystem.h as well as FileSystemLike.h But eclipse 4.5 is coming up with "Type LocalFileSystem could not be resolved in main.cpp". I'll take a look around in gcc4mbed/external/ as you mentioned. Do you remember which paths from there to include?

posted by Kenny 22 Aug 2015
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