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Solutions for flashing from Android device?

I was hoping to be able to at least download a .bin file from my android TF201 (full USB host), even if the online compiler didn't work. As it happens, the compiler will at least let me the download file using chrome, but I have issues with the FRDM-KL25Z being mounted as a flash drive - I suspect android is writing some files on mount, and this is prompting the board to reboot.

I'm not too optimistic for any fix which isn't a new bootloader, but open to trying any suggestions.

I had a quick look in dmesg on the TF201, and didn't see any errors. I do get repeated USB drive mounted notifications though, and copy/paste doesn't seem to be effective at flashing an image correctly.

My TF201 has a full-size USB host port, and I also tried with a OTG cable on my SGS3... The closest I've got so far is powering a RPI from the USB port, terminal on the android, and mount the MBED on the Rpi. That works...

posted by Sean Houlihane 27 Sep 2013

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10 years, 10 months ago.

To have the board mounted as a flash drive you need an OTG (on the go) cable so that Android device acts as host.

But I think it still requires a rooted Android device in order to be able to do the mounting. But I want to get this working as well especially if I can modify code 'in the field' with just a tablet.