4 years ago.

nRF51 - UART issue on a custom board

Hello everyone,

I am currently designing a custom board using a nRF51422 device. Among several functionalities, I had implemented a serial communication for debug purpose. In this context, I made the signals TX (p09) and RX (p11) available on a connector, while leaving RTS (p08) and CTS (p10) unconnected.

For the software part, I would use the Serial class provided by mbed. By using the nRF51 DK, the serial communicatio works perfectly. However, on my my custom board, the serial communication seems to work only in one way. The data sent from the nRF51 are well received, but no interrupt seems to be generated while sending data to the nRF51.

Therefore, I wonder if the lack of RTS and CTS signals could be at the origin of this issue ? Does anyone have an idea regarding to this trouble ? If required, I can add further details.

Thanks a lot for your help.


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