3 years, 9 months ago.

BBC micro:bit Stuck in MAINTENANCE


Managed to get a BBC micro:bit stuck in maintenance mode?

Tried flashing new firmware at https://developer.mbed.org/platforms/Microbit/#firmware to no avail.

The file on microbit says it is version 0230, which is not the latest one from the site.

Any help would be welcome.



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2 years, 8 months ago.

We have had a few of these issues, there is a capacitor that will go 'bad' so the micro:bit thinks it is in reset when turned on. Unless you have the equipment to reflow this, it may not be an easy job to do at home. If you are based in the UK, our team can diagnose and repair this issue.

Been a while since I was facing this problem (ended up getting a replacement).

Thanks for the answer, hopefully will help others in the same situation.

posted by Lloyd Henning 31 Jan 2017

Hi Drew

Can you share which cap to fix, we are reseller and having one similar issue. If you can share how to fix issue then we can try. The customer's microbit is stuck in maintenance mode. Cheers

posted by Pathik shah 13 Aug 2017

The capacitor in question is next to the edge of the board, next to the crystal (the capacitor is brown in colour) - looks to part of the reset circuit, so any almost any value should work.

posted by Drew Anderson 14 Aug 2017