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USB Storage LPC1114FN28?

Hello, I am designing a device using LPC1114FN28 as controller. I need non-volatile storage in order to save and read text files. I learned how to interface an SD cards via SPI, however I prefer to use USB flash drive because the end user will more likely have a USB port on their PC rather then card a reader. I noticed that unlike the LPC1768, on the LPC1114FN28 there are not D+, D- USB data pins.

What would you suggest as a work around?

Thank you for your time, Ivan

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5 years, 9 months ago.

Sd card, serial flash, spi flash

Wai Yung, can you provide more information please?

I would like to use USB stick instead of SPI SD Card module. I have used serial flash only for debugging purposes so far. I have not tried to write data with it on an external flash drive. Is this possible? I cannot find any USB drive interfaced through SPI example.

posted by Ivan Lazarov 25 Jan 2016

LPC1114FN28 does not have USB connection. In order to use a USB flash drive, you need something to bridge between USB-UART OR USB-SPI. Not easy

posted by WAI YUNG 25 Jan 2016