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How was the Maple Mini blink example loaded onto the target?

Hello, I wondered if the Maple_Mini_F103 example is meant to be directly loaded onto a Maple Mini using ST-LINK from an STM32 Nucleo board, or if the compiled binary can be loaded onto the Maple Mini using a command line tool such as dfu-util?

I was looking for a method to compile from the ARMmbed environment that would allow direct download to the Maple Mini using the Maple Mini's own boot loader. I am not sure if the ARMmbed .bin files are compatible with the binary DFU files?


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4 years, 2 months ago.

Hi Martin

There are two ways to flash the bin file to Maple Mini. One way to do this as you mentioned - using ST-LINK from another STM32 Nucleo board.

Another way to flash the bin file is by using a command line called "st-flash". First connect a ST-Link v2 USB dongle to the Maple Mini (SWDIO, GND, SWCLK, & 3.3V). Then run the st-flash as the following:

$ st-flash write mbed-compiled.bin 0x8000000

Hope it helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.