4 years, 10 months ago.

FSK mode?

Can I use this app to TX and RX in FSK mode? How do I set the FSK modulation parameters?

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NAMote72 Utility Application – Serial Terminal Monitor control for NAMote72 (note: this application replaces the previous na_mote1 test code application)

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4 years, 10 months ago.

For testing FSK mode, its best to use the c<0-5> command because it preconfigures everything correctly. See in main.cpp line 2148 there are 4800bps mode and 38400, 50000 and 1200bps modes. After you know its working, you can change settings, listed with '?' command. The L command toggles between FSK and LoRa.

Thanks. The c<0-5> wasn't implemented in the version of the utility that was loaded into the mote, but when I compiled and uploaded the latest version it started working.

posted by Barry O'Mahony 14 Jan 2016