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How do I use 16 ch Analog Pin in stm32f

Dear All

I want use 16 ch analogpin in stm32f103,401re(Just now). I could only use 6 channel of A0-A5 in 103, 3 channel of A0-2 in401re. But more channels of ADC pins can not be used. The specification of them show there is 16 channels and shown in the schematic drawing in platform in stm. How and where do I change program. Please let me know . Best Regards

Hiroyasu Matsuda

I am sorry. I cloud almost use analogpin. One of reason is that Tx,Rx, LED13 can not be used for Analogpin because of using for another purpose of Tx,Rx,Led13. So, my question is resolved. Hiroyasu Matsuda

posted by hiroyasu matsuda 13 Jan 2016
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