4 years ago.

I bought two Seeeduino-Arch LPC11U24 MCU boards one works the other does not.

It will not take a program. I tried downloading the firmware by pressing but until crp disabld came up deleted firmware made sure the folder was empty. dragging the firmware and dropping it.

I got an error that said not enough memory. If I press button again or unplug it and press button on start up the firmware ware reappears. I can't erase it.

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Seeeduino Arch from Seeed Studio is an mbed enabled development board which combines some advantages of mbed and Arduino. Arch is based on NXP LPC11U24 with Arduino form factor and ...

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4 years ago.

Have u tried to update firmware on a old PC like Windows XP PC? I had to do that while back. If not, contact Seeed to ask for exchange.

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It sees the ARCH file when I plug it in, just will not load or allow me to update firmware, which I thought may be the issue Thanks for you help

posted by James Cullins 26 Dec 2015