5 years, 5 months ago.

Why I cannot access pins nucleo F401?

Hi all I am using this code : DigitalOut Digit2(PA_13); DigitalOut Digit3(PA_14); but each time I download the program to NucleoF401 I got lost connection. Does anyone know why I cannot access PA_13 and PA_14? and how to access them?

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5 years, 5 months ago.

PA_13 and PA_14 pins in Nucleos are used for programming, as SWDIO and SWCLK signals. Therefore, it is a collision and hangs programmer after programming. But after a little testing, it looks to me that the program uses these pins as DigitalOut works well and controls the pins correctly. Only you have to disconnect the USB cable from the Nucleo and connect again. But keep in mind that these pins are connected simultaneously to the programmer Nucleo and may appear to have unexpected states (in order to avoid this, you can disconnect the jumper CN2).

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