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Billy Bass SDFileSystem Question

Hi Guys,

Just wondering if anyone else has received the following error from the BMBB project SDFilesystem.

Unable to open command file '/sd/fish.txt'

In our case the SD card is fully functional, with other code, and can play WAV files. It also has a fish.txt file present at the root.

The complete maintenance terminal output is as follows

Hello, world! Waiting for button push

Button pushed Timeout waiting for v2.x card Didn't get a response from the disk Set 512-byte block timed out Unable to open command file '/sd/fish.txt'

Any help on this is greatly appreciated. Dean

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Sounds like you have it right. Not sure whats up. I could not get mine to function until I got a 1GB SanDisk SD card. I think my other larger cards did work when I tried other programs that accessed the SD card, but BMBB didn't like it for some reason. I am looking at my BMBB SD right now and it is MS-DOS FAT16 formatted with the fish.txt and .wav files right at the root directory.


Accepted Answer

Thank you Ken. Great idea, it absolutely makes sense. I tried creating a 1GB partition on my SD card and formatting it FAT 16, but it didn't work so I just ordered a 1GB card. I will let you know what happens later in the week. Thanks again, Dean

posted by Dean Cafora 09 Feb 2015

Quick Update on Steve Ravet’s BMBB. We were able to get it working, in the original configuration, with a 1GB SD card formatted FAT 16 or FAT. (not FAT32), just as Ken suggested. Thanks again Ken! We were also able to get Steve’s program working with SDHC cards formatted FAT32 by updating to SDHCFileSystem.CCP and SDHCFileSystem.h Our project has slightly different HW so there may be a few other minor modifications required, for the original project, however I suspect that they will be evident in the compiler output. A couple of comments on the project: • Steve’s designs provided the basis for a great introductory overview of EE and Computer Engineering. Thank You Steve! • We were able to get the BMBB Audio AMP and speaker working, as well as the light sensor • The required BMBB input files are a little bit tricky, the format is as follows • A fish.txt file needs to be present at the root of the SD card • The contents of the fish.txt file need to be on one line, for each song, and be formatted as follows with a carriage return, (enter) at the end • /sd/sample.wav /sd/sample.txt <enter> • If the enter is not present, Steve’s code will not parse the command file correctly • sample.wav and sample.txt need to be on the SD card • The wav file audio coding needs to be 16,000HZ, 16 bit PCM, mono • The format of the movement file, sample.txt, needs to be as follows • <time in ms> <body part> <percent movement> example shown below • 11200 tail 100 • 11450 tail 0 • 11700 body 100 • 12950 mouth 100 • 13025 mouth 0 • 13095 body 0 • Finally Pin 8 and 9 of the original Billy Bass controller card are for power to this original controller

posted by Dean Cafora 18 Feb 2015