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Library for ENC28J60 on FRDM KL46Z

Hello, I want use your library for ENC28J60 on my FRDM KL46Z board but I'm getting error message while compiling program: Undefined symbol UIPEthernet (referred from UIPClient.cpp.KL46Z.o)

Is there any chance that this would work on my board? Thank you for your answer.

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mbed library for ENC28J60 Ethernet modules. Full support for TCP/IP and UDP Server, Client and HTTP server (webserver). DHCP and DNS is included. client, ENC28J60, ethernet, server, uIP, UIPEthernet

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Hi Radim,

It means that there is no UIPEthernet object defined (for the FRDM-KL46Z platform) in your program. Try to import the HTTPServer_Echo_ENC28J60 demo program into the online compiler. For me it worked smoothly after selecting the FRDM-KL46Z platform for the online compiler. The UIPEthernet object is defined in the following snippet:

#if defined(TARGET_LPC1768)
UIPEthernetClass    UIPEthernet(p11, p12, p13, p8);         // mosi, miso, sck, cs
#elif defined(TARGET_NUCLEO_F103RB) || defined(TARGET_NUCLEO_L152RE) || defined(TARGET_NUCLEO_F030R8)  \
   || defined(TARGET_NUCLEO_F401RE) || defined(TARGET_NUCLEO_F302R8) || defined(TARGET_NUCLEO_L053R8)  \
   || defined(TARGET_NUCLEO_F411RE) || defined(TARGET_NUCLEO_F334R8) || defined(TARGET_NUCLEO_F072RB)  \
   || defined(TARGET_NUCLEO_F091RC) || defined(TARGET_NUCLEO_F303RE) || defined(TARGET_NUCLEO_F070RB)  \
   || defined(TARGET_KL25Z ) || defined(TARGET_KL46Z) || defined(TARGET_K64F) || defined(TARGET_KL05Z) \
   || defined(TARGET_K20D50M) || defined(TARGET_K22F) \
   || defined(TARGET_NRF51822) \
   || defined(TARGET_RZ_A1H)
UIPEthernetClass    UIPEthernet(D11, D12, D13, D10);        // mosi, miso, sck, cs

Copying it into your program should fix the issue. However, for you it's also sufficient to add just the following single line:

UIPEthernetClass    UIPEthernet(D11, D12, D13, D10);        // mosi, miso, sck, cs

I hope that helped.



Accepted Answer

Yes, it helped, thank you very much!

posted by Radim Volek 03 Dec 2015