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How to include an assembly source file into an assembly source file


All is in the title, I try both Include and Get and i receive this error: Error: A1023E: File "lpc8xx.s" could not be opened: No such file or directory in "Forth.s", Line: 262, Col: 1 Please note that i don't get any error in Keil and that it assemble perfectly.


Can you publish the example you are working on?

posted by Sam Grove 03 Dec 2015

Hello, Because of the length i've published it: https://developer.mbed.org/users/Recifarium/code/ENORA-Forth/ This is a Wrk in progress but usable if you know Forth

Thank you for your attention.


posted by Gérard Sontag 04 Dec 2015

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5 years, 1 month ago.

I added this statement:

  1. include "lpc8xx.s"

early in the Forth.s file and my 'missing file' type of messages went away. BUT then I received some errors in the lpc8xx.s file !!!! (so it found it!) As you said - work in progress Gary

Thanks, Unfortunatly this is not what i want, the file must be included where the include is. I finally found a solution to include : #include "lpc8xx.s" But the assembler is crappy :

Don't take in account ALIAS directive

miss to handle macro's

seem to be a one pass assembler: can't refer to a forward reference


compared to the one in Keil

So i will leave mbed assembler and stay with Keil even if both assembler come from ARM. Anyway i can create an Hex file for your lpc824 as i said in private mail. Just let me know which are your Tx and Rx pins.


posted by Gérard Sontag 05 Dec 2015