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How to send a frame

I'm trying to send a frame. I use this program to connect to a gateway my board. I understand how to configure my DevEui etc... but I don't understand how to send 25 for exemple. I would like to erase the callback too.

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I have been trying to use this code also, and I am in no means an expert of it, so my answer may not be entirely correct!

On the function "static void prepareTxFrame( void )" on Main.c it fills a buffer with datum (the LMIC.frame[x]). I changed those to send "Hello" and I am receiving it correctly on my gateway (in base64 "Hello" is "aGVsbG").

I am not sure what you mean about erasing the callback! Could you elaborate?

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It didn't work. I think I don't configure well my parameters. to connecte to the gateway I need to configure the device EUI, the device address, the device profile ID, the netwook key and the application Key. But what is AppEui, devKey ?

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posted by Rozenn Tassé 25 Nov 2015

The followin PDF has a lot of information that can be of use. See page 30 of this pdf: https://www.lora-alliance.org/portals/0/specs/LoRaWAN%20Specification%201R0.pdf

Some of those values you decide, and others are related to the network and your type of connection. Are you connecting as an end-device connection or an Over The Air connection?

posted by Eduardo Garcia 25 Nov 2015