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I want use a DHCP. How I do This?

I'm use " UIPEthernet.begin(MY_MAC)" but don't work.

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mbed library for ENC28J60 Ethernet modules. Full support for TCP/IP and UDP Server, Client and HTTP server (webserver). DHCP and DNS is included. client, ENC28J60, ethernet, server, uIP, UIPEthernet

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Hi Rodson,

Thank you for your question. Now (after fixing a bug in the library) it should work. Give HTTP Echo Server a try.



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hi Zoltan

Thanks for the answer.

I still had a problem with dhcp the state REQUEST sends it to the wrong server. see the image in red https://www.dropbox.com/s/lnpxvvc7m8f1n9o/msg2.png?dl=0

in my application has been enough change in the file:


Line 247: change: buffer [8] = _dhcpDhcpServerIp [0]; to: buffer [8] = _dhcpLocalIp [0];

I know it's solution is not correct, but for me it was enough.

Cheers Thank you again


posted by Rodson Carvalho 03 Dec 2015

Hey Zoltan, Is it possible for you to update the library? It seems Rodson is right, since my problem is the same and his fix works fine although is not a 100% correct fix.

Cheers, David

posted by David Zwart 09 Jan 2016