4 years, 11 months ago.

Programming nRF51822 or nRF51422 with mBed?


I'm an electrical engineering student from Croatia. I've programmed in C on Arduino and mBed LPC1786 before, and also in Java on Raspberry Pi. A week ago I got a bluetooth module from a friend. The module has a nRF51822 chip, a crystal, an antenna and all components needed for it to work. I'm new to nRFs and I would like to create create a simple program that would receive a string from a phone and turn on the LED using only the nRF51822 as MCU. I have read that you can use mBed compiler for this.

How would i start to program it? Is it possible to program the whole thing just from a mBed online compiler ans easy as LPC1786? What extra parts do I need for it to work (a programmer)? Is there any documentation around?

Be easy on me :) Thanks!

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