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LPC1114.h file


I tried to find the LPC1114.h file because I want to look at the IRQ's.

I cannot find the file on the forum. Can someone point me in the right direction?


Do you put a pull-up register for the dp27? Since this pin is true open drain, DigitalIn::mode(PullUp) may not work.

posted by Toyomasa Watarai 22 Nov 2015

Watarai San,

Yes, all the push button inputs have external pull up resistors.

Thanks for your question.

I think the issue is in the IRQ. Seems there is a problem - maybe in the register set-up file.



posted by Andrew R 22 Nov 2015

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5 years, 2 months ago.

Hi. You can find a CMSIS Cortex-M0 Core Peripheral Access Layer Header File for NXP LPC11xx Device Series (include LPC1114) here.


Watarai-san, I published my program - maybe you can look at it. The mbed LPC1114 response to interrupts is very, very erratic. It keeps hanfing-up and only way out is to do a hardware reset.


I checked the hardware many times - so I think there is a problem with the IRQ defines.

posted by Andrew R 19 Nov 2015