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Wrong pin for BLE NANO


I'm a BLE NANO & MK20 beginner.

I see that Main.cpp contains : SPI1.begin(P0_6, P0_15, P0_29);SCK, MOSI, MISO

but according to BLE NANO ref schema it should be : P0_8, P0_9 and P0_11.

P0_6 is Analog In.

Can you explain it ?

I want to drive an OLED WaveShare, How can I send command and data to OLED Slave. MISO pin is not connected.

Thank you

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The program demonstrates how to implement SPI on BLE Nano platform BLE Nano, nRF51822, RedBearLab, SPI

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For nRF58122 SoC, you can use any 3 pins for the SPI.

Accepted Answer

Sorry, but I'm having big problems trying to use the example and just change SCK to P0_8 makes this testcase hang when it tries a transfer. It would really make things easier if the example code matched the example pinouts - I've built a PCB already after prototyping with a KL25Z board, and probably need to go back to that for my demo - BLE nano is just too different with its SPI support to work easily with the Adafruit_GFX library.

posted by Sean Houlihane 25 Feb 2015