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nRF51 fail to enter bootloader after reboot

/media/uploads/jimisu/bldr_issue.png Dear Nordic team,

[Issue description] Bootloader-DFU verification by using bootloader mode; compile the program and include the program on mbed on line compile environment.Reproduced steps;

1. new a template project of nRF51; BLE heart rate monitor example.

2. verify BLE heart rate monitor example, we confirmed nRF51 HW evb. and sample project work normally.

3. click the compile bottom to select bootloader mode as the attached image then downland the image which combined bootloader.

4. use Nordic Master control panel android application to trigger nRF51 reboot

5. nRF51 reboot and enter Softdevice and start BLE service

[Expected resut] nRF51 reboot enter bootloader then DFU trigger device (android phone) can scan a Dfutarg.

[More approach] Keil version bootloader-DFU <local file system>\nRF51_SDK_8.1.0_b6ed55f\examples\dfu\bootloader\pca10028\dual_bank_ble_s130\arm5_no_packs We didn't encounter the same issue by using Nordic Bootloader-DFU on keil.

[Identify] bootloader mode of mbed on-line compiler write BOOTLOADER_REGION_START to UICR.BOOTADDR register failed.

[Conclusion] May we have your support to fix mbed on-line compile with bootloader mode.

Many Thanks, Jimmy

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