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Page Error on my 2 last post


I've got page error on my 2 last posts :


On the last one someone answer me and I can not see the answer.

I've the same comptment with Chrome and Firefox browser.

Thanks for help

Question relating to:

I also noticed, I could see your question before, but now someone else answered I can't see it anymore.

posted by Erik - 02 Nov 2015

Same here, it's odd that it happened twice but this post is fine. Any special characters or non-standard text in the posts?

posted by Andy A 02 Nov 2015

Also FYI as answer for your question: println is not a C++ function, it is purely an Arduino function.

printf is a C++ function, which does exactly what it claims to do: It prints what you tell it to print. So you need to tell it to print an end of line: \n. Depending on your terminal settings that might be sufficient, or it might also require a carry return command: \r. So you print a new line as:

printf("Hello World\r\n");
posted by Erik - 02 Nov 2015

Does someone know how to contact any support or moderator of the forum?

posted by Michel Dubois 03 Nov 2015

By the way Thanks to awser Erik

posted by Michel Dubois 03 Nov 2015
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