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Can I create a master and slave in one nRF51822 mbed platform(like HRM1017)?

Dear team,

Just want to confirm does Bluetooth 4.0 spec prohibit a BLE device from being both a slave and a master at the same time.

If no limitation, have Nordic already offered a single stack for nRF51822 capable of acting both as a master and a slave?

We would like to create a BLE bridge device to connect the smartphone and BLE sensor device, so need your help to clarify if it is possible.

Phone(Master)>BLE>Bridge Device(Master/slave)>BLE>Sensor Device(slave) and it will be fine if Bridge Device could not being both master and slave at same time, but can switch dynamically with one firmware.

Best Regards, Xinbai

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Actually, you should be able to run as both a "server" and "client" in the same connection at the same time with S110, while being a "peripheral".

With the S120, you can be a "central" and connect to multiple "peripherals" (up to 8 IIRC).

With the S130, you get to be a central (but with a smaller number of peripherals) and/or peripheral.

Other SDs (soft devices) are available that include ANT as well as BLE.

All of this is from memory. I've done a lot of BLE work with the nRF51822, but only as a peripheral server. So check the datasheets.



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Nordic has three stacks for nRF51822.