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FRDM-K22F serial output freezing

I have a program that outputs data to a terminal program that runs fine for a few minutes, but then the serial interface hangs. I have tried 2 different serial port applications (Putty and Realterm) on my Windows laptop (It does this in Windows 7 and Windows 10) and they both act the same way. I have to close the port in RealTerm and open it again in order to get the data to start flowing again. Any suggestions?

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This is some strange behavior afaik, have you tried on a different computer ?

Are you outputting a lot of data with the serial port ?

If you can make a minimal example of your code I can try to run it on a KL25Z

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Thanks. I'm running it on a different PC now and so far, so good. I'm averaging a little less than 800 characters per second, but it was also happening at lower data rates.

posted by Adrian Adamson 24 Oct 2015