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TCP / IP communication with the Shield v2.0


I have difficulty in communicating betwee wifi sheield and PC with TCP/IP protocol.

Some sample apps works well but TCP/IP not.

Could you let me know if there are any good sample - communicatuion with TCP/IP protocol ?


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Example program for the SeeedStudio WiFi Shield V2.0, based on UART serial port connectivity (D0/D1 pins). This program connects to WiFi hotspot, obtains an IP using DHCP and downloads http://mbed.org/media/uploads/mbed_official/hello.txt Seeedstudio, shield, wifi

The xlively example is a good one. end of https://developer.mbed.org/components/Seeed-Wifi-Shield/. But if you run the helloworld in the same page, and it prints an IP address, then the IP/TCP stack should be working fine.

posted by Liyou Zhou 12 Oct 2015
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