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Program an ATMega328P on Arduino and use it would arduino board


I'd like to use an ATMega328P for my project, I hope to do it without the arduino board. I know with the Arduino IDE and an Arduino board I can program the microcontroller. However, would it be possible once I've programmed and debuged the program with arduino IDE + arduino board, to take away the microcontroller from the board and to use the ATMega328P separetly, without the board? If yes, are there any additional settings I should do to the ATMega328P when I put it directly on the breadboard?

Thank you, George

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5 years, 6 months ago.

Yes you can, and mainly to take into account is that Arduino by default requires a 16MHz crystal. But you are really in the wrong place to ask this, try the Arduino forums instead of an Arduino competitor ;).