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Authenticating Card

With the help from another question I believe I have got the reading of a chip sorted but it returns this error: STATUS_CRC_WRONG.

This happens when the code calculates CRC_A. I think its failing as the block im reading hasnt been authenticated. the method to authenticate is:

<<code> PCD_Authenticate(uint8_t command, uint8_t blockAddr, MIFARE_Key *key, Uid *uid) <</code>>

im happy with the command and blockaddr, BUT what is MIFARE_Key and UID? the MIFARE_Key I thought was 0xFFFFFFFFFF (as apparently this is the default) but it wont compile with that value in place of the key.

the uid is a Pointer to the Uid struct but where is this structure?

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RFID Chip MFRC522 driver
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