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wifi library


I cant connect netwrok, I would like to use DHCP.

Could you open all source code - mbed, wifi lib ?


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Example program for the SeeedStudio WiFi Shield V2.0, based on UART serial port connectivity (D0/D1 pins). This program connects to WiFi hotspot, obtains an IP using DHCP and downloads Seeedstudio, shield, wifi
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3 years, 11 months ago.

Thank you for your qucik response. However, i cannot connect network. it doesnt seem that it can change cmd mode. I guess it cannot connect the wifi board to ST32F401. Could you let me know how to connect (cannot use D2,D3 because I cant remove some parts with solder so need to use arudino path D0, D1) ? Thanks.

posted by Shigenori Shimizu 01 Oct 2015

The RX and TX pins can be configured on the hardware. Details in the hardware section in

posted by Liyou Zhou 02 Oct 2015

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