5 years, 5 months ago.

email address confirmation


I'he been warned my email address is not confirmed. I clicked the link "send email again" (probably not correctly translated as I have German texts) but no email arrives. The email address "removed" in the "account settings" page seems to be correct.

Kind regards, Helmut


striking out the email obviously means that you have removed it from my account.

When I open may account settings page it is still there (even after refresh) and requesting a new confirmation email still has no effect.

Or did you remove it because of privacy reasons? :-}

What is to do next?

Thank you and kind regards, Helmut

posted by Helmut Stettmaier 29 Sep 2015

I removed it just to avoid you getting spammed as this is a public page. I can see your email address on your account anyway.

posted by Stephen Paulger 29 Sep 2015

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1 year, 10 months ago.

I am also facing an issue with the Yandex mail, yandex mail is not working I also checked https://emailsupports.net/yandex-mail-support/ but did get a valid reason to solve this issue. Let me know if anyone has any idea regarding this issue.

5 years, 5 months ago.

Hi Helmut,

The email is being sent, can you check your spam folder?


Hello Steve, thank you!

I have a junk folder (latest Thunderbird) but it doesn't contain anything from you. Perhaps it got lost in the spam filter of my provider (netbeat.de) but I have no access there. Also never any confirmation mail has been lost in this filter in the past. The provider netbeat.de stands on the one or other black list (really don't know why).

Could you please send me just the confirmation link in an extra email? If you are unsure because of authenitification issues (I could understand it) give me an email address where I will write you such that you can confirm my address.

Kind regards, Helmut

posted by Helmut Stettmaier 29 Sep 2015

Do you receive other notification emails from the site?

I've attempted to send you another confirmation email, it has sent with no errors. If you don't receive it can you email support@mbed.org and we'll take it from there.

posted by Stephen Paulger 29 Sep 2015