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Please recommend a suitable IoT rapid prototyping platform

I am conducting a bench-marking study to finalize an IoT rapid prototyping platform with IBM Bluemix PaaS(cloud service) to develop IoT applications and to test the IoT concepts.

In that we had come across one of the ARM mbed platform ( IoT starterkit- Ethernet edition) but we are still doubtful whether to go with these or some other platform.

We are an automotive company and our use case may be Sensor signals, audio/video, etc.

So if any one is able to provide crucial advantage of mbed platform over other general purpose devices like Arduino, raspberry pi etc,

Please mention those advantages below .

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8 years, 9 months ago.

It seems to me you first need to set your own requirements. An Arduino and a Raspberry are completely different devices. Sure there is overlap in what they can do, but they are still really different.

Mbed contains also many different devices, so we can't say what an advantage is, since we don't know your requirements. I would also assume you want to make a custom PCB. Then it depends on how many you expect to sell: If you want to sell 1000, you can buy 1000 MCUs for either mbed or Arduino at your local supplier. Good luck buying 1000 of those processor on a Raspberry (last time I checked you can't just order them from a random distributor like Farnell).

Also what about temperature range? I assume you have specified a temperature range over which your system needs to work. If we are talking about a sensor in your car which enables a little fan when the temperature gets over 25 degrees it isn't that critical of course. If you are planning to make your own self driving car you better have devices which are qualified over a large temperature range.